Slow but steady gains of my physical wellbeing can be remarked. Thus, it is finally possible for me to say 'hello' again. Your support, thousands of postings and personal messages have not just been completely overwhelming, but also so highly motivating that I can't even wait to start my spinal cord rehabilitation. THANKS SO MUCH!

So far, I am feeling fine. Well, I cannot exert movement in my legs, but there is some kind of rest sensitivity present. That means, I can actually feel and localize wide area contact in the paralyzed area. On the other hand, my arms are widely intact, I am just lacking strength. I have daily therapies with my doctors and I have even been outside twice already. What a feeling to breath in some fresh air again! Suddenly, humble goals and visions rather than high professional success gains importance - even if it's just to sit up free from giddiness and dizziness.

I sincerely hope you guys keep the support in such a lovely and mesmerizing way. You are the main resource to summon up all my vitalizing power.

I am so thankful and wish you the best from the hospital in Graz!